Aubin Nurseries Ltd.


Our story

Aubin Nurseries was started by Gerald Joseph Aubin in 1927 with a purchase of 72 acres of land near the Boyne River in Carman, Mantioba.  The rainfall, ideal soil and two railroads were excellent attributes for a nursery business.  This location still remains as the Main Office and Home for the past four generations.

Over the next thirty years, Gerald Joseph Aubin's business grew from selling fruit, vegetables, livestock and nursery stock including a 'You Pick' to selling Door to Door to growing nursery stock. 

In 1958, Lawrence Aubin took over the business making many expansions over the next 40 years to become one of the largest nurseries in the prairies.  Gerry Aubin, Lawrence's eldest son, became President/General Manager in 1998, as Lawrence became semi-retired.  Gerry continues and Aubin Nurseries legacy with growth and innovation in Greenhouse Production, Field and Container Operations, creating new standards for our industry.

Aubin Nurseries strives to meet our customers' needs and highly qualified, dedicated and knowledgeable employees along with nursery stock of performance and adaptability for the prairies.